The information available on our website and social media channels are general information about Dholera SIR Development Authority (DSIRDA), Dholera Industrial City Development Limited (DICDL) and its projects. They are solely intended to provide information about the projects and to help you assess whether you need more information.

There are lands / plots under private & government ownership under the jurisdiction of Town Planning Scheme 2A & 4A (Activation Area of DSIR), DICDL owns its land in Activation Area which can be allotted for Industrial and Non-Industrial purposes.

Investors are advised to kindly check the necessary documents from the respective land / plot holders in order to avoid any discrepancies. DICDL and DSIRDA will not be responsible for any transactions wherein DICDL and DSIRDA is not directly involved.

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For any other information or queries, you are requested to contact the DICDL office.

Phone: +91 79 29750 500 or Email: info@dicdl.in